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Elba Island in Italy: A guide for navigating and visiting the island

The fortess of Volterraio is the only never conquered fort on Elba
The fortess of Volterraio is the only never conquered fort on Elba

A guide with useful information for sailing and visit the Island of Elba. The island is ideal for those who are at the first experience by boat: the large bays and sandy bottoms make it perfect for experiencing.

For SVN solovelanet's Sailing Directions series, this video takes us on a tour of the island of Elba, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Journalist Gabriel Poole, along with NSS Charter skipper Simona Pasqua, will show us the island on land and at sea, and tell us about the winds, the dangers, the seabed, but also the history of the place, the things to see and those to eat.

The Sailing Directions series is produced with the support of NSS charter, Italy's largest charter company.

Elba, a special island for sailing

Elba is a very special island. Among those in the Mediterranean, it is one of the largest and one of the safest. Full of history and natural beauty, it is one of the most popular destinations for boaters. It is no chance that charter companies offering boats for Elba are always full booked.

Elba is the perfect island to visit with the family, especially if you have young children who love to play on the beach. Elba has many beaches, some very large. It is great for those who love good food, its restaurants are renowned.

It is good for those who like nightlife. It is not so good however for those for whom sailing means a wild solitary roadstead, a bay where at night you cannot see the lights of houses. Such places on Elba are very rare, perhaps the only one is Viticcio, just southwest of Cape Enfola.

Elba is the ideal island for those who are new to boating. The large bays, almost always surrounded by high hills, the sandy seabed where any kind of anchor will dig in, and the many harbors make Elba perfect to start boating.

Finally, Elba with its 224 square kilometers also

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